Reader Insights

Here is feedback from military widows, the most important readers of Military Widow: A Survival Guide. In their own words, you’ll gain a better understanding of how this book helped many find their way through military grief. But, military widows weren’t the only ones reading this book. You’ll also find feedback from caring friends, military personnel and experts in the grief field who found this book straightforward and helpful.


The BEST translation of Military Widowhood

This is, hands down, the most valuable resource for military widows and others who stand by her as she walks down her new path of military widowhood. After my husband was killed, I searched desperately for some sort of road map, some touchstone to let me know that I wasn’t alone. This book answers that and many more unanswered questions for newer widows and those who have walked this road for years. I think this is a must read for anyone and everyone who has any contact with military widowhood.

J.M. Marine widow


A true blessing

This book is a true blessing for anyone who now has the unwanted title of military widow. I became a military widow at the age 24 and was left to raise our 2 1/2 month old son outside of the military life that we anticipated and were comfortable in. I read countless books about grief and widowhood, trying to find out if what I felt was normal. However, there wasn’t a book out there that addressed the special circumstances that surround being a military widow. This book addresses those additional issues with straightforward chapters. It’s full of countless “A-ha—I feel that way too!” moments. Whenever a military widow questions that she can survive, this book will assure her that she can and guide her through her journey.

A job very, very well done

S.D., Army widow


Conscientious, Truthful, Heartfelt and Easy-to-Read

“Military Widow: A Survival Guide” has been, by far, the most relevant book I’ve read as I reluctantly trudged through the journey of a newlywed military wife turned widow. I tried to accomplish my “grief work” through reading other self-help books, only to find they always left something missing. Nearly seven months after my husband’s death, I picked up this book and read it in two sittings. The entire time I was reading, I felt as if the authors were answering questions I was too scared to admit I had or confirming those feelings that no other resource had adequately provided. This book has brought me to an “aha” moment that I didn’t think would come and provided confirmation and validation of the feelings I’m experiencing. It allowed me to feel less alone in my new place “in between” the military world and the civilian world.

T. W. Newlywed and Army pilot’s widow


Excellent Book

My husband was killed in Iraq last year. I found this book to be an excellent grief resource. It helped me to understand military grief a little better and showed me that the emotions I’ve been feeling are natural. I recommend this book for any military spouse and have even shared the book with my sister- in-law because I felt parts of it could apply to parents and siblings also.

P.S.A., Army widow


Great Book !

I wish I had this book years ago when my husband was killed in Iraq. It’s great. I got a lot out of it and would recommend it to other military widows. We (military widows) are in a different category than other widows and this book helps you find your way.

M. C., Military widow


Unparalleled Resource – A “Must Read”

I desperately needed this book when my husband, a Navy pilot, was killed. In “Military Widow,” I found validity to the unspoken thoughts and feelings that I was going through. The book also gave me practical suggestions for how to survive and manage in the months and years after my husband died.

D.A., Navy widow


TAPS uses Military Widow: A Survival Guide for today’s families

The authors of “Military Widow: A Survival Guide” have carefully researched and brilliantly laid out the complicating journey that military widows face after the death of their spouse. Used by the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS), this loving text offers gentle guidance and lessons learned. Congratulations to Joanne and Regina for a gift of hope and comfort to America’s military widows!

Bonnie Carroll, President and Founder of TAPS


Thank You

Thank you for your book. I just got off the phone with one of my best friends, a recent military widow, whose husband was killed in the Middle East just over a month ago.

Someone gave her a copy of your book and it has been invaluable to her healing. In the course of our two-hour conversation she shared with me many of the thoughts and insights. Many times she told me how glad she is to have this book.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I look forward to reading your book myself so that I can be a better support to my friend.

Friend of a military widow, M.B. SHAPE, Belgium


Extraordinary Admiration

As a retired Navy Captain, and 2-time Casualty Assistance Calls Officer (CACO), I read this book in continual head-nodding agreement and with extraordinary admiration for the authors. There is enough useful information in this slim volume that any military officer or leader will be remiss if they do not, at least, skim the material. The diction and grammar make for easy reading, but the content (the real- life stuff not covered in procedural manuals or instruction) may require some study.

This information is not available anywhere else. Being aware of this book will make life much easier if/when tragedy does strike. This book is a force- multiplier.

William H. Johnson, Capt, USN (Ret.)


A Military Commander’s Perspective

We were blessed to have the authors of “Military Widow: A Survival Guide,” bring their compassionate expertise to personally assist us with a military casualty response. Joanne and Regina, thank you for the help you gave to us, and now for sharing this knowledge with so many others.

Col. Thomas Turlip, USAFR, Retired, and wife Debbie Turlip


A must-read for everyone in uniform

I wish I’d had this book to guide me the first time I came face to face with a grieving military family. Its matter-of-fact advice takes the fear and mystery out of taking care of our own. A must-read for everyone in uniform and everyone who loves them.

Kristin Henderson Journalist, military chaplain’s wife and author of “While They’re At War: The True Story of American Families on the Homefront”


Help in a stormy sea

MILITARY WIDOW is the best emotional, financial and practical resource I have ever seen for those who lose a spouse in the military service. If, God forbid, you or someone you know suffers such a loss, this book will prove to be a life ring in a stormy sea.

Stephen Coonts, Author of more than 15 New York Times Bestsellers


An exceptional resource

“Military Widow: A Survival Guide” is an exceptional resource for an unfortunately growing population of younger widows. It offers great information and insight to both widows and the clinicians and carers that seek to help them.

Kenneth J. Doka, PhD Editor, OMEGA: Journal of Death and Dying Author, Disenfranchised Grief: New Directions, Challenges and Strategies for Practice


The “bible” in this field

Military Widow: A Survival Guide is the “bible” or “must have” type of book in this field.

Mary McCambridge Founder, The Foundation for Grieving Children


Compassion, insight and information

“Asaro and Steen have written a unique and important resource for military widows and those who support them. The 30 chapters focus on the complex contexts that automatically complicate grief when it is a soldier-spouse who died. This book offers compassion, insight and information that will contribute greatly to care that is distinct for the many military wives whose husbands die in active duty every year.”

Rev. Paul A. Metzler, D. Min. Review in The Forum, Association for Death Education and Counseling, Vol. 33, #1, p. 15, Jan. 2007