Table of Contents

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Military Widow is more than just another grief book for widows. Written specifically for the women who have loved and lost a military spouse on active duty, it tackles the countless issues that are unique to the military and its way of doing things. Here’s what you’ll find in this book:

Table of Contents

Part 1: Life and Death in the Military

1. The Ultimate Sacrifice
2. Who is the Military Widow?

Part 2: Military Grief is Complex

3. Your Life Experiences
4. Your Husband’s Life and Death
5. The Unique Culture of the Military

Part 3: When Your Husband Dies Suddenly

6. Types of Death: Anticipated vs. Sudden
7. Myths about Grief
8. Common Grief Responses to Losing your Husband
9. Grief Work
10. Am I Going Crazy?
11. Thoughts of Suicide
12. Deployment-Delayed Grief
13. Disenfranchised Grief

Part 4: The Unplanned Trip through Living Hell

14. The Military Takes Care of its Own
15. Dealing with the Kids
16. Dumb Things People Say
17. God Issues
18. Inappropriate Advances
19. Identity Theft

Part 5: Difficult Decisions

20. What Not to Do with the SGLI
21. Where to Live
22. What to Do with our Wedding Bands
23. What to Do with the “I love me” wall

Part 6: Everyday Coping

24. Coping with Significant Dates
25. Widow Humor
26. Staying Healthy while Grieving
27. In-Laws, Ex’s, and Step Kids
28. Dating Again
29. Growth after Loss
30. In Case of Emergency

Appendix A. How you can help the Military Widow